Local Living

Considering staying longer than a polka around the dance floor? Fredericksburg is a great place to live, whether you plan to retire, start a business, or raise a family.

You will enjoy top-ranked public and private schools, from pre-K to college. With access to a growing Texas Hill Country University Center where residents can pursue dual credit courses, certification, and degree programs.

An independent health care system that consistently ranks among the best in the nation. With more than 130 physicians representing over 30 medical specialties. Supported by assisted living facilities, fitness and rehabilitation centers, and a full range of health care providers.

Whether you are 8 or 88, you will find countless opportunities to get involved in the arts, music, theater, mentoring, and volunteering.

Fredericksburg is also a vibrant place to do business.

Local entrepreneurs cater to a million tourists each year. A wide variety of business men and women provide professional services to a growing population who - like you - choose to live, work, and play in Fredericksburg all year long.

And, as online commerce continues to grow, more people realize they can work in an international market while raising their families in the mild climate and wholesome atmosphere of Fredericksburg.

Don't wait to make your move. The only thing more satisfying than visiting Fredericksburg is calling Fredericksburg... home.